Ceiling Height

Ceiling Height Should Be 7′ To Allow Enough Heat At Bench And Head Levels

It’s important to reduce Sauna room height from a standard ceiling height of 8′ to the Sauna norm of 7′ from the finished floor. (Sauna ceiling can also be as low as 6′ 2″.) An 8′ ceiling wastes heat, energy and building material; and it increases the heating time. The diagram below shows the variance of temperature at various levels in the Sauna room.

Sauna Temperature Comparisons

The importance of lowering the Sauna ceiling from 8′ to 7′ is shown in the following temperature comparison chart: Notice that the Sauna room temperature is 20 degrees cooler at the upper bench level and at the bather’s head level in the Sauna with the improper ceiling height of 8′. As the heat rises from floor to ceiling, there is too much wasted heat at the upper ceiling level and not enough heat at the bench levels where the bathers sit or lie. Finlandia Has Saunas For All Areas