Sauna Accessories

Our wooden accessories are beautifully handcrafted of Finnish pine and Finnish craftsmanship. A bucket and dipper are essential Sauna accessories. A dipper or two of water splashed over hot Sauna stones creates vapor (löyly) that promotes perspiration to flush the pores. It also transforms the hot dry air into a comfortable moist atmosphere. Without the use of water, the bather cannot enjoy a truly authentic Sauna experience.

A thermometer is a necessary accessory in the Sauna as it is important to know the room temperature. After heating your Sauna room for at least thirty minutes, an average temperature would be about 175-180°F. Sauna room temperature is measured with your thermometer 6" below the ceiling and directly above the Sauna heater. Another useful item is the hygrometer. It will indicate the Sauna humidity, which usually ranges from 10 to 35%, depending upon the amount of water used on the stones.

Harvia Sauna Aromas imported from Finland add a soothing scent to any Sauna room. Just add to your water and pour over the Sauna stones.
Sauna Fresh natural fragrances enhance your Sauna experience. It is so concentrated that only 5 to 10 drops need be added to a bucket of water, or just a couple of drops to a dipper of water. Pour this scented water slowly over the hot stones and enjoy. It's great for steam rooms too--pour a few drops in the receptacle of a steam head and enjoy the scent released with the steam. Always mix aromas with water first. Never use undiluted product directly on the stones.

Humidify the air and create a unique sauna environment by adding a fountain to your sauna heater. Soapstone fountains available in 3 sizes with 1 or 3 water pillars. Aromas can be added to the water for extra enjoyment. Fountains fit in all heaters except AF Forte and Spirit. Position the fountain in the heater stones. Do not let fountain touch the heater elements.

As most clocks do not work in the high heat of the Sauna room, 15 and 30 minute sand timers can show how long you have been in the Sauna. Timer turns on a swivel base that mounts to the wall.

Birch or alder bath brushes have natural bristles. Great for an invigorating scrub in the shower or bath after a Sauna. Towel hangers are a nice item to mount inside the dressing room outside the sauna.

Sauna pillows offer the greatest comfort for resting your head or when leaning on your arm. Pillows are made of linen/cotton and most are machine washable. The 2225 is filled with small foam beads. All other pillows are filled with polyester.

Superdek floor mat is 1/2” thick injection molded soft plastic and is ideal as a mat on any hard surfaced Sauna floor. It comes in 12” x 12” interlocking squares and is easily cut with a utility knife. Superdek provides a non-slip, comfortable, and sanitary surface to walk on. It can be removed periodically to clean. Each tile contains Vinyzene® SB-1 antimicrobial which fights mold, mildew, and infectious bacteria.

Harvia stones come from Finland and are ideal for all Harvia Sauna stoves. The hard granite like stones have been tested for Sauna use and hold up to high temperate inside the heater. Do not use river rocks or other stones with air pockets that have the potential to explode after being heated.