Sauna Doors

Exclusive Doors

Finlandia Sauna Wood Doors are manufactured from the highest quality vertical grain Douglas Fir available from the Pacific Northwest. Engineered door stiles and solid wood rails insure long term stability. Side and top wood rails are 4” wide. All of our wood doors are fitted with tempered, insulated glass, which provides superior insulation and heat retention.

Standard FGD Doors

Our standard Finlandia Sauna FGD door is 24" x 80" x 1-3/4” and is fitted with clear insulated glass measuring 16" x 65". Standard rough opening is 26" x 82". Standard jamb is made of Hemlock with jamb width of 4-3/4". All doors available with left or right hinge. See below for important ordering information.

Exclusive Etched Glass Options

Our exclusive glass options have been custom designed and etched by an artist. When ordering this option, you have a choice of our unique Sauna Scene, Rustic Sauna, Birch, or Palm designs in positive or negative image, or a choice of our beautiful Scenic Designs: Mt. Hood, Multnomah Falls, Liberty, Lighthouse, or Sailboat. Areas of the image that appear black are clear/transparent glass. The white areas are frosted/opaque. Artwork is sealed inside the insulated glass unit so that etchings are protected from smudging or scratching. Etchings are available for the 24" door size only.

When Ordering Specify:

FGD: Door only-no jamb or hardware.

FGD-R: Prehung with Right hinge.

FGD-L: Prehung with Left hinge.

Hinge is determined by standing outside Sauna room, facing the door (Sauna door must swing out). Order FGD-R if door will open out to the right. Order FGD-L if door will open out to the left. FGD-L and FGD-R come complete with Hemlock jamb and stops, 3/4" thick Hemlock door sill, polished chrome hinges, chrome ball catch, and 2 wooden door handles (#8513). Interior casing is only provided when the door is part of a room order. Standard jamb is 4-3/4” and there is an extra charge for jambs over 5-1/4". Standard Sauna doors are 24" x 80" with an R.O. (rough opening) of 26" x 82". Available sizes are listed below.

Door Size

  • 24” x 80” (Standard)
  • 28” x 80”
  • 30” x 80”
  • 36” x 80” (ADA door)


  • 26” x 82”
  • 30” x 82”
  • 32” x 82”
  • 38-1/2” x 82”
Prefab (FPF) Sauna Materials Package
Prefab (FPF) Sauna Materials Package

STG All Glass Clear Door

Harvia STG glass door only available with clear tempered glass. Clear alder door jamb is 3-5/8” deep. Left or right hinge available. Hinges have chrome finish. Magnetic closure keeps door shut. Standard round wood door handles included. Offered in 2 sizes.

Handles for STG Door