How to Enjoy a Sauna

When planning to take a Sauna, allow yourself plenty of time to relax. Turn on your Finlandia Sauna heater at least one half-hour before you enter the room (unless you have the Ever Ready heater which has instant heat). This will give enough time to heat the room to the proper Sauna bathing temperature. Average temperature ranges from 175° F to 194° F when measured 6” down from the ceiling directly above the heater. Take your Sauna in the nude. Shed your worries as you shed your clothes and let the relaxing Sauna aura surround you. Allow your body time to adjust to the high heat. Sit or lie on a towel on the top bench for the best heat. You may sit on the lower bench for cooler temperatures. As desired, pour 1 to 2 ladles full of water over the hot Sauna stones to produce steam, which will aid in perspiration. After 10-20 minutes, or when you feel ready, exit the Sauna and cool down by taking a shower or plunging into a refreshing pool or lake. Rest for a while in the cooling room or area. Ideally, it is nice to have a dressing room and shower next to or near your Sauna. You should spend about as much time cooling down as you have spent in the Sauna. Re-enter the Sauna and repeat the process as desired. Finish with a final shower. Then, relax with your favorite beverage and enjoy that wonderful after-Sauna feeling.