Sauna Fountains

Humidify the air and create a unique sauna environment by adding a fountain to your sauna heater. Soapstone fountains available in 3 sizes with 1 or 3 water pillars. Aromas can be added to the water for extra enjoyment. Fountains fit in all heaters except AF Forte and Spirit. Position the fountain in the heater stones. Do not let fountain touch the heater elements.

11030: Solina Sauna Fountain with
1 pillar (2 oz. water)
3-1/8" h x 3-1/4" diam.
Made in Finland

11012: Saunatroikka 3 water pillars
3 5/8"h x 3 1/4" diam., 3 oz. water
Made in Finland

11029: Saunamaestro 3 water pillars
3 3/8"h x 5 1/2" diam., 8.5 oz. water
Made in Finland

84988: Ceramic Aroma Dispenser hangs from chain above Sauna heater
Drip amount can be adjusted.
Made in Germany