Finlandia Builds Better Benches

There’s no comparison! Our benches have the greatest strength and durability and are made from the finest materials.


Fastening Ability: 1 3/8″ penetration for greatest strength and durability
Tendency to Cup: None
Water Retention: (Perspiration) Virtually none; narrower tops will not retain perspiration
Vertical Grain: Always
Air Circulation: Always
Advantages: Greater durability, better holding strength, neater look. No slivers.
Disadvantages: None for purchaser. Better materials may result in some higher costs for manufacturer.


Competitors 1x4 bench
Fastening Ability: Minimal; only 5/8″ penetration
Tendency to Cup: Moderate; elevates with flat grain
Water Retention: High; due to width of boards and tendency to cup
Vertical Grain: Occasional
Air Circulation: Less, due to width of boards
Advantages: All advantages are to the manufacturer. Cheaper to make, lower cost of materials, takes less time to manufacture!
Disadvantages: Questionable durability, will not support heavy weight, tends to sag with use, high tendency for flat grain boards to cup and splinter. Less air circulation.
Wood Key

Finlandia benches are made of 2x2 material with a 2x4 face. Standard bench is 20” deep.

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