Sauna Wood Stoves from Finland

Ideal for remote areas with no adequate electricity or if you want the centuries old traditional Sauna feel. Stoves are manufactured in Finland by Harvia, the largest Sauna stove factory in the world. Woodburning stoves provide a very soft, soothing heat and a wonderful atmosphere provided by the glow of the fire. Stoves include an adaptor which converts metric size pipe to standard 6″ US pipe size unless one of the chimney kits is purchased. Stoves are made to strict European CE regulations but have not been tested by UL or ETL for USA or Canada. Make sure such a stove is acceptable in your area. Stoves must be heated outside without stones for first use to cure the paint. Some paint in the rock cavity will peel off, which is normal. Use a wire brush to remove any flakes. Stones are included with each wood stove. Sauna rooms using woodburning stoves must have proper ventilation.