Finlandia Outdoor Sauna

Outdoor Saunas

Our outdoor Sauna is the same as our FPF Sauna except that it includes an unassembled cedar shingle roof package. You supply the waterproof pad and we provide the insulated modular room. Outdoor Saunas may be assembled on a concrete pad or on a deck. If installing on a deck first put down a sheet of 3/4" plywood covered by vinyl or use concrete board with tile. The roof package includes wood plates, prefab rafters, nailers, facing, metal flashing, cedar shingles, ridge cap, and nails. You put it together. It includes the same components as the standard FPF package. The Finlandia Outdoor Sauna is available in sizes ranging from 4'x 4' to 8'x 8'. Electrician will bring 110v power for the Sauna light and 240v power for the heater to the Sauna room. Power usually enters Sauna wall near the bottom of the room through a pre-installed junction box mounted in left or right wall near the front of the room.

Example Installations from Customers

FRP Roof Kit

FRP Roof Kit comes unassembled. The kit includes Facia pieces, Rafter sections, Risers, 1x4 Wood Nailers, Side Trim, Cedar Shingles, Top Ridge, Metal Flashing, Liner for underside of front, back, and sides, and Nails. Roofing felt paper is not included. The finished height is 8' 6". The roof overhangs the prefab Sauna by 6" on the back and the sides and overhangs 12" in the front. When using a roof kit power enters at the front of the side wall near the bottom, close to where the heater is located. The upper vent is cut in the ceiling and it vents through the eaves.

STR Starline Skylight Roof Kit

STR Roof Kit comes in one piece. It is a made of 3 layers of Thermopane Acrylic. The skylight roof is tinted but is clear enough to see through. It lets in sunlight during the day and starlight at night. The Starline roof is available in 4' x 4', 4' x 6', 5' x 6', 6' x 6', and 5' x 7' sizes. When using the skylight roof kit power enters at the front of the side wall near the bottom, close to where the heater is located.

Outdoor Kit

When ordering a roof kit we also recommend ordering our Outdoor Kit. The Outdoor Kit includes Stainless Steel Hinges, Wet Location Light Switch, Custom Electrical, and includes sealing the glass in the Sauna door and any additional sidelight windows